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Architectural event with lunch

In Interlaken, a former printing and publishing house was converted into a contemporary building with apartments for lease as well as a shop on the ground floor. To commemorate the renovation, the individuals involved were invited to participate in a tour of the building followed by a charmingly festive lunch at the Hotel Victoria in Interlaken. The choice of location, the selection and sequence of the dishes served, the interior decor and arrangement of the room, as well as the accompanying invitations and place cards made the event an unforgettable occasion for both the guests and their hosts.

  • Customer: Bauherren E. and M. Reber
  • Service: Event management
  • Guests: Family members and people involved in the project
  • Programme: Viewing of the renovation site at the former Schläfli AG (print shop and publishing house) with subsequent luncheon
  • Location: Victoria & Jungfrau, Interlaken, Switzerland
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