A successful event is a series of perfect moments.
We make your event blossom.
Satisfied guests. A relaxed atmosphere. Lasting memories.

Hej and welcome

BJOORN Events is your dream partner when it comes to creating successful corporate events. We’ll help make your event blossom so that your guests will look back on it fondly for years to come. BJOORN’s strong suit lies in creating events tailored to your exact objectives and needs – events that become unforgettable moments both for your target group and for you.

From our location in Basel, we plan events in Basel and the surrounding region, as well as throughout Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. The fact that your event is a unique opportunity is always top of mind for BJOORN – so sit back and watch it become something truly exceptional!

Our Service

Customized events with a personal touch

BJOORN’s vision is to stage events that have an impact far beyond the present moment. Your specific requirements and expectations – your message and the emotional journey that you want your target group to experience – provide the foundation. In a personal conversation, BJOORN Events invests the time to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives – so that we can realise them in a way that is both professional and solution-oriented, with enthusiasm and commitment.


Making every occasion a highlight

BJOORN Events is synonymous with parties and celebrations that turn into indelible memories. Our service portfolio also includes conferences, events, and panel discussions that leave a lasting impression.

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